Disinfectant Apparatus

Design from Ala, who has a voice in the sector in the manufacture of Disinfectant Apparatus. It offers its products with the best price advantage and free shipping to indicate that it cares about your health without taking advantage of its services. The hand disinfectant apparatuses produced in our company are different from their peers in terms of quality and price advantage.

Disinfectant Apparatus

With the decisions taken after the coronavirus pandemic emerged in our country, it has been made mandatory to use hand disinfectant stands in all workplaces. More than one company has started the production of disinfectant stands during the period of this process. The disinfectant apparatus used in these stands are simple and easily damaged.

Disinfectant Apparatus In this process, the analysis made by the R&D teams has determined the features that should be in the disinfectant apparatus. Design studies have been determined within our company. The most appropriate production of disinfectant apparatus has been made in accordance with the standards.
By keeping the length of 2mm in hand disinfectant apparatus, it is ensured that people can easily reach the product with their elbows when using disinfectant. In this way, hand contact restriction has been provided and your health is secured with one more click.

Chrome is used in the Disinfectant Apparatus and it is ensured that the product does not cause mold and rust wherever it is found. Disinfectant Apparatus is produced in accordance with each stand model. The disinfectant apparatus you have received can be mounted on the stand with only two screws and can serve without any damage even in the busiest places.
Features of Disinfectant Apparatus:
• It is produced in accordance with all disinfectants.
Made of chrome.
• Liquid is ready to use with a single push action.
• Wall mounted feature.
• There are 2 dowels and 2 screws with the product.
• It is resistant to impacts.
• It can also be used with an elbow other than hand contact.
• Can be mounted on wood or concrete wall.
Product Dimensions: 30 x 5 x 17 cm
• We sell retail and wholesale products.

Disinfectant Stand Apparatus

The elbow impact disinfectant apparatus, which should be used in health institutions to ensure hygiene conditions, does not require contact with the hand. Disinfectant Apparatus Removes a disinfectant in one usage level in case of touching the apparatus located in the upper part with the elbow. Suitable for use in all healthcare facilities, the product is also ideal for use in toilets and emergency dressing rooms.

Disinfectant Handle Disinfectant apparatus, which works with elbow impact, is one of the most practical disinfectant product types.
Our production of Disinfectant Apparatus and disinfectant stand apparatus is completely our own production. We produce your logos and company names with woods used from first class trees.

The chromiums that we use the Disinfectant Apparatus are thick and the stands never break, bend or fall, no matter how intense they are used. Disinfectant Apparatus Hand Disinfectant Handle Each of our products is guaranteed for 2 years.

The colors used in hand sanitizer designs are produced in accordance with the same TSI standards with the corona virus 14 rule published by our ministry of health. Our stand designs have been professionally translated into English against the use of tourism regions.

Order Disinfectant Apparatus

If you want to get more information about the Disinfectant Apparatus, you can contact us 24/7 via our contact numbers or WhatsApp line.
The arms you request in the Disinfectant Hanging Apparatus Models are shipped on the same day. If you wish, your workplaces are produced in English and Turkish with the logo or advertisements on 14 rules determined by the Ministry of Health.

We manufacture and offer you to your service.
Our company, which manufactures disinfectant hanger apparatus and disinfectant stands, continues to offer you the most affordable prices 24/7.

Disinfectant Apparatus; Having a disinfectant stand at the entrance of the businesses. Incoming customers being disinfected and entering. It is said that there are new measures such as disinfecting the tables after the customers leave.
In this context, as Ala Design, we meet the needs of our customers in terms of disinfectant stand sales delivery to meet the demands of our customers. and we provide delivery service all over the world.

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